Accumulating Over fifteen years’ experience, ACOSCO has gathereda number of important achievements, including:


  1. Sonatrach / DTR leveling and geomembrane.

Realization of 3 sloughs of oil residues and sludge.The first quagmire’s dimension is 285 x 185 x 2.20 m;two others are of  50 x 50 x 2.20 ??; they were achieved in record time of 12 months. These bogs are protected by geomembrane. They will be on the ground and on the walls, in addition to a reinforced concrete coating that protects the geomembrane of the walls and containment by a natural material called :"containment protecting the geomembrane to the ground".


  1. Earthworks and closing in Zarzaitine.

  1. Sonatrach / TFT concrete plant and gas well service.


  1. Grit removal of Tiguentourine well.


  1. Mires Zerzaitine.


  1. ACOSCO Living campus.


  1. Opening access to wells.


  1. Roads Maintenance.


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