From the President

In addition to the four major activities on which the art work of the company concentrates, there are other additional activities, which are listed below:

  • Import Export
  • Data processing and Consulting office.
  • Secretariat and management consulting.
  • Public transport.
  • Private ambulance service vehicules.
  • Retail sale of spare parts.
  •  Auto mechanics and electricity.
  • RentCar with or without driver
  • Rent engines
  • Wholesale.
  • Auto Hardware.



Mise à disposition du Personnel et du matériel

Our company offers complete services in gardening. Our main duty is the realization of gardens with diverse service of outdoor maintenance. We are experts in our field;we work hard to provide our customers the best possible service, in terms of value and quality.

Relationships are crucial in this sector; that's why we strive to build long term ones with our customers by offring super service they look for. We are modern and innovative; we try to improve our service and knowledge.

We appreciate very much our customers. Please takebenefitfrom our qualities and services.

We constantly strive to improve and deepen the quality of our service; therefore, we follow the new trends in the market. We seek new opportunities and approaches in order to know how to attract the public interest. The proof of that is the increasing number of ourhappy customers.

Customer satisfaction is our priority thatwhat all our efforts are devoted to.


If you are interested, you can address directly to us, because we do the maintenance ourselves. The basic maintenance of the garden is the lawn maintenance (mowing, aeration), the maintenance of planting perennial plants weed liquidation and aeration of all areas of your garden. Ourbusinesses are wider, so do not hesitate to contact us!


In Catering accommodation of public works areas, we offer a variety of opportunities for personal and living environment that meets teirexpectations.

Our team participates actively tohis customer development.


His mission is to identify, evaluate, persuade, present and monitor future skills that contribute to the success of the companies they workfor.

For our customers, it is a certainty they finding competent and qualified staff, combining know-how to be and know-how to do, in respect of specificities.

Activity field: Civil Engineering Environment

Acosco, conducts civil-engineering operations as a general contractor or as civil engineering only.

Our know how is characterized by project planning, definition and design of the proposed works through detailed studies of draft project, development of technical projects, with dimensional analysis, implementation and control of erection works.

The expertise of our teams,allows us to intervene in specific environments and work in difficult conditions (under water works, drawdown of groundwater, special foundations...).

This expertise leads us to optimize and vary the reinforced concrete structures for various civil engineering works.

We regularly work in partnership with process enterprises,for specific environmental projects, such as drinking water station.

Nos clients

  • L’Etat
  • Les collectivités locales (Communes, Communautés de Communes, ,…)
  • Les industriels


Types de travaux

  • Station de traitement d’eau potable
  • Réservoir d’eau potable
  • Bassin de rétention – Stockage – Bassins d’orages
  • Génie-Civil chambre de vannes
  • Ouvrages hydrauliques


Contact ACOSCO

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Téléphone: 029 45 97 22-23  Fax: 029 45 97 24.